Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wiz Khalifa Or Tyga

If you listen to hip hop or any kinda music you should check these guys out. Wiz khalifa has took Pittsburgh to a whole new level with this Flight School mixtape and others. Also on the west coast Tyga is killa them with is unique sound and fly fits. But both of these guy are weed smokin fly guys so if you have listen to any of there music i advice you to do that. Listen to Tyga "The Potential" and Wiz Khalifa "Flight School". Tommie Sky is out!!!

Robert Crumb for Vans One Piece Authentic

New 2 Blogger

Since it my first time on blogger/blogspot imma let
those who know me and read my blog which is no one since am new to this know what
imma be bloggin about.
First of all its gonna be about music, my life, and EVERYTHING haha
so if you are reading this blog you stay tune to see what imma have in store.
well am out so be safe world